The purpose of the website is to help with the identification and recognition of different species of butterflies, particularly those found in Starr County, TX. The website is owned and maintained by Berry Nall. I am solely responsible for all content, including errors. I am an enthusiast and not an expert, so mistakes are likely. Please notify me of any misidentified pictures or other issues with the website.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Contact me if you desire to use the photos under other conditions. I do appreciate hearing how people use my photos even when explicit permission is not required.

Credit and Appreciation:

Menus on this site were created by modifying code from Stu Nicholls' CSS play and GRC's menu system.

The sightings bar graphs are generated using CSS code from Terrill Dent, http://www.terrill.ca/design/vertical_bar_graphs/.

Camera Equipment (dates approximate):

2005 and before: Olympus digital cameras, a 3x zoom and then an SP-500UZ.
2006-2010: a Sony DSC-H5 was my primary camera; it was a fantastic field camera! Some photos are from a Nikon D90 SLR with a 100mm Macro lens.
2011-present: Sony DSC-HX100v is now my primary field camera.

pre-2010: Sony DSC-H5, occasionally with a 5x close-up lens
2010-present: Nikon D90 with 100mm macro lens and occasionally a 5x close-up lens added

Print Reference:

Bordelon and Knudson, Official Checklist of the Butterflies of the Rio Grande Valley Texas, Texas Lepidoptera Survey, 2007. - Used as authoritative guide for scientific names (genus and species).

Brock and Kaufman, Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of North America, 2003. My primary reference for butterfly ID's.

Glassberg, A Swift Guide to the Butterflies of Mexico and Central America, 2007. An excellent supplement to Brock and Kaufman; it includes species and provides more hints for differentiating similar species.

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