K. lyside life history
Lyside Sulphur (Kricogonia lyside) Life History

4-11-09, three eggs

4-13-09, caterpillar one or two days old

4-14-09, both caterpillars of study



4-18-09, light color morph

4-18-09, darker color morph

4-22-09, last instar

4-22-09, last instar

4-23-09, pupa

4-24-09, pupa

A fresh Lyside Sulfur, 4-29-09

Guayacan, Guaiacum angustifolia, is common shrub in south Texas. When Lyside Sulphurs are ovipositing, virtually every fresh tip on a Guayacan bush will have several eggs on it.

Two Lyside caterpillars were collected and reared in the spring of 2009. When they were very small, it was difficult to distinguish between them. However, after 5 days the two caterpillars showed different colorations. One was a much lighter green than the other. This color difference was evident in the chrysalis as well. Therefore, the pictures from 4/18 to 4/24 show both subjects side by side; the lighter one is always on the left.

The lighter caterpillar pupated, and the adult emerged, one day earlier than the darker one. The adult pictured is the second one to emerge. It took about 18 days for the Lysides to go from egg to adult.

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