Danaus gilippus life history
Queen (Danaus gilippus) Life History


Caterpillar when found on 9-26-09

9-27-09; it liked resting on the chain-link fence upon which the vine grew

10-01-09, mature caterpillar

10-02-09, beginning pupation

Fresh chrysalis, 10-05-09

10-10-09, fresh Queen

I found a couple of Queen caterpillars using Matelea sagittifolia (Arrow Leaf Milkvine). This is a vine in the Milkweed family that was growing on a chain-link fence near my house. More often than not, when I checked the vine I would find the caterpillars on the fence rather than on the actual vine. I collected one caterpillar as it was about to pupate in order to get the photos of the chrysalis and fresh adult.

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