Lerodea eufala life history
Eufala Skipper (Lerodea eufala) Life History

A fresh egg, 5-22-10

Egg of study, 5-12-10

Recently emerged caterpillar had already rolled leaf, 5-13-10

Pre-molt black head, 5-18-10

Striped head, 5-19-10

A new instar, 5-22-10










I watched a female Eufala Skipper oviposite the 5-22-10 egg on buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare). The caterpillar emerged four days after the egg was deposited. I raised it for three weeks and then released it because I was leaving town for vacation.

The second egg, the one of the study, was found on Guinea grass (Panicum maximum). I was searching for eggs because I had just observed a Celia's Roadside Skipper ovipositing in the area. Occasionally the eggs that are gathered are not those one sees being laid!

Once the caterpillar obtained the characteristic head, it changed very little in appearance except for its size. It took 3 weeks to pupate. The adult emerged 6 days later.

Eufala Skipper Face

Study caterpillar, 5-29-10

An interesting effect was observed with the released caterpillar: immediately after a molt, the head was temporarily a whitish green. I have also observed this phenomena with Streaky-Skipper caterpillars.

Second caterpillar, after molt, 6-9-10

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