Cario ino life history
Red-bordered Metalmark (Cario ino) Life History

Eggs, 11-5-13

Recently emerged caterpillar, 11-13-13

First instar, 11-16-13

Second instar, 11-24-13

Third instar, 11-30-13

Fourth instar, 12-4-13

Fifth and final instar, 12-9-13

Pupa, 12-17-13

Fresh Red-bordered Metalmark, 12-28-13

I obtained several Red-bordered Metalmark eggs from a captive female. The host was Desert Hackberry, Celtis ehrenbergiana. Two eggs eclosed after six days, and I was able to rear one of the caterpillars successfully.

The larvae were tiny, slow-moving and slow-growing. The study caterpillar took 9 days just to enter the second instar. At that time I noticed it made a silk pad that it would rest on. It would scrape the leaves when feeding, rather than eat holes in them. Beginning in the second instar, and increasingly with each molt, nodules appeared on the head of the caterpillar. By the time it was fully grown, it appeared to have wig on its head! In the closeup below, the caterpillar is in the fourth instar. You can see the normal caterpillar head below the "bangs", and the mop of yellow nodules above.

Face of Red-bordered Metalmark

In the final instar only, the caterpillar sewed two leaves together to make a shelter. It was about 1.3 long cm when fully grown, pupating 30 days after eclosing. The adult emerged 15 days later.

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