Instructions for use

Instructions for using this site:

White (vertical) navigation menu:
  • Click on the family or subfamily name to view thumbnails of all included species.
  • Click on the butterfly or moth name in the popup menu to see pictures of that species. When possible, photos of a variety of individuals and views are included. Hopefully, this will help the recognition of species that can vary in appearance.
Blue (horizontal) navigation menu:
  • Recent - Place to post recent sightings of interesting species, when and if they occur. If the pictures there are old, then butterflying has been slow....
  • Monthly Seen - Bargraph showing sightings by month; indicates most productive times to visit the area. See help on Sightings Graphs for more information
  • Life History - Contains pages showing the growth of caterpillars and/or the emergence of a butterfly from its pupa. (Note for users with very slow connections: these pages contain numerous pictures and may take a while to load.)
  • Compare - Intended to help with identification. Allow you to view any two pictures side by side, or load your own to compare with those in the database. For more information, see Compare Page help.